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A Sea Change for Trade Secret Protection? The Potential Noncompete Ban, Employee Departures, and Digital Forensics

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In less than three months, UnitedLex produced and refined a tool capable of analyzing the complete data sets and visualizing the results in an easy, interactive way.
When clients have an end goal of being highly cost efficient without sacrificing quality, UnitedLex teams in India are the perfect solution.
We support deposition preparation, transcript, exhibit summaries, and offer critical real-time support during trial when finding key documents quickly can be everything.
We implemented a global staffing model using 140 review attorneys between the U.S. and India
Analyze and disposition legacy data sources where it's unclear which documents need to be preserved.
Our Exit Collection Program streamlines process, creates savings, and minimizes the risk of data loss. 
Leverage the team’s case knowledge to analyze incoming documents from other parties to get ahead.
Leverage our technology, an elite process, and global teams to review large volumes of unstructured and user data under expedited timelines.
We understand the unique needs of an MDL, can scale 24/7 support across the globe, and consult on specialized workflows.
An AmLaw 100 firm needed to swiftly surface evidence of financial fraud for a client our custom models combed through 7.5M documents.
Streamline process, drive efficiencies, and customize workflows to provide speed to legal intelligence for mega matters.  
An ex parte requires careful planning, precision, and coordinated focus to carry out the unannounced inspection and seizure.

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