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UnitedLex is committed to being the place to work in legal.

Our culture is rooted in authenticity and inclusion—we strive to foster an environment where everyone can be their best self, both personally and professionally.

Our Culture of Authenticity

R.T. Stokes

Co-chair Social Justice and Equality Council

Why UnitedLex?

The most passionate, creative, and high-performing people in the legal, business, and technology fields come together at UnitedLex to make a difference. Find out why so many great professionals are choosing careers with us.

  • We pioneer Digital Transformation in legal

    UnitedLex enables clients to act with greater intelligence, speed, and synergy.

    UnitedLex operates at the leading-edge of technology enabling clients to act with greater intelligence, speed, and synergy. ​Join a team of visionary thinkers and doers that are driving significant change in an industry which has largely remained unchanged over the last century.

Social Justice and Equality

Our diversity makes us stronger. Our workforce includes a myriad backgrounds and skill sets. Our culture embraces diversity and inclusion of thought, background, race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ability. We recognize that it is not enough to make such statements but an imperative to affect action.

Our Social Justice and Equality Council is empowered to identify and execute actions, initiatives, policies, communications, and events that will foster greater equality, diversity, inclusion, and social justice both inside the virtual four walls of UnitedLex and in the communities in which we operate. The Council is comprised of individuals with a passion, desire to contribute, and ability to make meaningful change.

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