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A Sea Change for Trade Secret Protection? The Potential Noncompete Ban, Employee Departures, and Digital Forensics

Dual Shore Review

When clients have an end goal of being highly cost efficient without sacrificing quality, UnitedLex teams in India are the perfect solution. Our dual shore approach provides the around the clock coverage needed to meet tight deadlines.

A Fortune 500 engineering and construction company had over 10 million records subject to discovery in U.S. courts with ongoing, rolling production deadlines.

A 24/7 approach to document review

UnitedLex implemented a global staffing model using 140 review attorneys between the U.S. and India. This dual-shore approach allowed for 24/7 coverage to meet tight production deadlines without sacrificing quality.​

By implementing a one-team approach, UnitedLex was able to review over 4 million documents and implemented a quality control process to ensure ongoing calibration between UnitedLex offices and outside counsel, ensuring consistency across teams and overall peace of mind. ​

As document discovery continued over 2 years, UnitedLex leveraged its global capabilities to increase and decrease the review team size while sustaining a core group to maintain consistent case knowledge and training.

"UnitedLex tailored the team structure to meet the needs of our case. Their India review team was key to our success, providing an elevated client focus and experience that helped us achieve our short-term and long-term goals."

– Corporate Counsel, Fortune 500 Company


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