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Delivering Critical Information Faster for Mega Matters

 Delivering Critical Information Faster for Mega Matters
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in 15 days

Cost savings

to outcome vs. 5 weeks

UnitedLex works to streamlines process, drive efficiencies, and customize workflows to provide speed to legal intelligence for mega matters.   

Reduction in costs and efficiency gains

In a Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation of a large financial services company, UnitedLex reduced attorney review time from 2,400 hours to 80 hours while achieving accuracy in identifying key documents at a rate 33% higher than contract attorney review. This resulted in a savings of more than 66% to the client

Speed to Legal Intelligence

For another client, in preparing for a presentation to a government agency, UnitedLex processed 6 million documents to deliver an outcome in less than one week. This reduced client costs by 80% and allowed the client to forgo what would have been a protracted contract attorney review.

Critical Information identification

At the outset of a large complex matter UnitedLex identified 150 key documents from a set of over 5 million in a matter of days. This allowed an upfront assessment of critical issues prior to commencing a full-scale document review and enabled the team to develop a detailed timeline of key events and identify critical issues in the case.

"The [UnitedLex] team is literally the best I’ve worked with. I’m extremely impressed with the responsiveness, organization, and expertise we’re delivering."

- Partner, AmLaw 200