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Anti-Racist Statement

At UnitedLex we do not believe it is enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.

We must go beyond a statement and drive a strategic imperative that is essential to the operation of our company and the integrity of our leadership.

We reject racism and ethnic oppression in all forms—regardless of the source and irrespective of whether it exists within the culture of our company or across the global community.

We recognize racism as a system and ideology rooted in disproportionate opportunity and penalties based upon skin color and ethnicity with branches that include organizational and individual practices of discrimination, intolerance, and bigotry.

We understand that racism is a corrosive cultural contaminant that breaks down trust, compromises our collective strength, and devalues the quality of our service to all.

We commit ourselves to actively listening, learning where we can improve, looking to drive positive change, and leading by example.

We are dedicated to promoting a future where all people regardless of race or ethnicity have equal access to safe communities, justice, healthcare, housing, education, career advancement, and economic opportunity.

It is not possible for us to truly be united as a company if we allow ourselves to be internally divided by indifference.

We stand together to Stay United.

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