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A Sea Change for Trade Secret Protection? The Potential Noncompete Ban, Employee Departures, and Digital Forensics

Finding Financial Fraud Fast

Why this case study matters to law firms & their clients

An AmLaw 100 firm needed to swiftly surface evidence of financial fraud for a client. Typically, the firm would engage in a cumbersome trial-and-error process, manually generating search terms, running queries and making tweaks to try to increase accuracy. Time was of the essence and certainty was of the utmost importance. Plus, cost is always a concern. 

How this solution is innovative

The law firm’s client didn’t need to trade speed for accuracy, nor spend a fortune doing it. To dramatically streamline the process and reduce costs, the law firm took advantage of UnitedLex’s First Look solution, a combination of UnitedLex’s technology, proprietary workflows, and team of analytics experts. Through partnership with the matter attorneys from the law firm, UnitedLex built custom models which combed through the 7.5M documents. The custom models surfaced small sets of potentially key documents for validation by the matter attorneys. As new evidence surfaced during validation, models were adjusted and refined to identify previously unknown bad actions. The team ramped up the pace of results and instilled confidence in the client regarding the accuracy of the results and the thoroughness of the search.   

Hard-hitting outcomes applicable to other law firms

Identified 571 important documents of which 77 were critically key to the investigation. Developed 8 unique models and 4 additional iterative models to dig deeper on important actions/conversations. Completed the entire investigation within two weeks. 

How did the client react

“The client appreciated our relentless responsiveness and our deep understanding of the issues associated with the case,” said Cory Osher, Director of ECA & Technical Solutions Consulting, UnitedLex. “We were able to hit the ground running because we’ve dealt with these issues many times before.”  

"First Look is a game changer… Unitedlex helped us to think more broadly about the challenge and gave us certainty in the results we wouldn’t have had otherwise. Their secret is a perfectly balanced mix of AI & human intelligence."

– Senior Associate, AmLaw 100 firm


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