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eDiscovery & Litigation Support

for law firms

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Our custom solutions blend expertise, data science, and intelligent analytics for support across the entire litigation lifecycle. With a laser focus on case strategy, we help law firms take on more cases and achieve favorable outcomes. 

Harmonize and automate decision making across client matters.

Our global experts work 24/7 to focus on the objectives of client matters. We turn case data into a winning advantage that creates value and ensures a smooth eDiscovery process. ​

Multi-platform by design

Our purposefully curated technology selections are designed to tackle the specific needs of each client matter. ​

Actionable data and analytics

Pinpoint relevance and meaning faster to build and inform litigation strategy and decisions. 

Scalable global teams 

Our experts act as an extension of legal teams with a commitment to successfully executing on strategy.​

Simplified pricing 

Our pricing models are transparent and flexible to complement firm-specific ways of working.​

Services across the litigation lifecycle.

Preservation and collections ​

From single collections to managed preservation services, we offer bench strength, experience, and global capabilities—including advanced mobile expertise for effective forensic collections and evidence management, on-site, remote, or in-lab.

Data forensics and investigations 

We provide expertise in analysis, data recovery, and decryption, and also can determine if specific content ever existed. We routinely investigate departing employee activity when there are suspicions of confidential information, IP, or trade secret theft. 

Processing, hosting, and production

Through a combination of processing tools and hosting platform options based on client preference, adherence to local data privacy laws, and the specific matter, our experts provide 24/7 guidance and support throughout the matter lifecycle.

Early case assessment

Blending proprietary and industry leading technology with analytics, AI strategies, and our legal and data science expertise, we build the right analysis solution for every matter—delivering cost reduction, speed to facts, and risk mitigation.

Fact investigation and development

We deliver speed to facts that support clear narratives based on data—key players, timelines, and communications, or aggregation of unstructured data sources (timekeeper, expense reports, and more) —for faster case decisions. 

Document review

Our fully managed, highly scalable document review services augment outside counsel resources. We design and execute the most efficient review for the matter, leveraging AI where applicable to maximize efficiency and save client financial resources. 

Witness and depo prep

From day one of a review, our review team can start building depo prep materials, from fact chronologies and witness kits to key document summaries, delivering final witness kits to outside counsel at the end of the discovery phase for accelerated prep.

Digital first drafts

Our AI-enabled service arms outside counsel with automated, high-quality draft responses to pleadings and discovery demands for volume-driven, repeatable matters—delivering speed to first drafts and substantial cost savings.  


We consult on and help identify challenges and opportunities for process improvement including Discovery Health Assessments, secondments, COE creation, playbook development, mega-matter consultation, and expert testimony. 

Say hello to RAPID Review.

Introducing the next generation of document review.​

RAPID Review leverages a combination of patented technology and continuous active learning (CAL), customized AI solutions, and industry expertise to eliminate first pass review and deliver total project transparency and defensibility.

Experience AI-powered, cost-effective, and highly accurate document review.

Focus on more strategic work and accelerate speed to facts by 75%.

Have confidence in your strategy with our 98% quality assurance guarantee.


Delivering at the leading-edge of digital and legal.

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