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15 Top Takeaways: “Generative AI, ChatGPT and the Future of Law: Silver Bullet or Shot in the Dark?”

Search & Analytics

Make better patent decisions with best-in-class research.

Our search and analytics capabilities address the most complex IP-business matters. Whether defining the next product expansion strategy or assessing infringement risk across a given industry, our data analysis provides essential intelligence to confidently survey the market for a view of the patent landscape from all angles.

Surface patterns and detect signals that influence patent strategy.

From pre-filing assessment to portfolio acquisition, we help gather, analyze, and interpret data for sound decisions.

Insight and answers across a range of technical domains:

Wireless & Telecommunications

Automotive, Mechanical & Engineering





Patentability Searching

Pre-filing insight and analysis to craft strong patent claims.

Knockout Search

AI assisted search to identify inventions worthy of patentability.

Freedom to Operate Analysis

Assess infringement risk and get products to market faster.

Patent Landscape Analysis

Identify gaps, opportunities, and threats for a given technology or industry.

Competitive Benchmarking

Compare patent and product portfolios across an industry or vertical for a set of third-parties.

Validity and Invalidity Analysis

Challenge validity of a patent by producing prior art before cut-off date of the patent.

Innovation in IP management.​

We deliver insight and capabilities that align IP strategy to business realities resulting in measurable value.

Services that deliver formidable evidence when winning is the only option.

Protect and maintain the value of brands and the trademarks that keep them enforced.

Grow the bottom line by maximizing the value of IP portfolios while reducing costs.​

Resources and expertise to scale, build, and manage IP–on time and on budget.​


Delivering at the leading-edge of digital and legal

The US and China embrace contrasting Wireless Charging technologies to revolutionize the future of EVs

Monitoring and observing how various geographies engage and contribute to the wireless EV charging market from an IP strategy perspective would be quite interesting.

Toyota is investing most heavily in EV and autonomous tech, study suggests

Carmakers are aggressively pruning patent portfolios covering combustion engines as they invest more heavily in transportation technologies of the future, according to a new report by UnitedLex.

Is Tesla driving towards patent monetization by suing charging tech rival for refusing to take a license?

Tesla Inc has become infamous in the IP community for its reputation as anti-patent.

Patent insights from times of industry transformation

An analysis of the filing trends, litigation data and patent portfolio management decisions of top OEMs, highlighting the evolution towards electric vehicles.

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