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From Lab to Table: Intellectual Property Trends in Alternative Proteins


Fueling momentum in a highly competitive industry.

The semiconductor industry is the foundation of the modern-day technology industry. Rapid advancements have established a constantly burgeoning market for new designs and intellectual property. Our expert teams utilize proven reverse engineering methodologies, domain expertise, and custom analytics to support the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers’ efforts to enforce, protect, and monetize IP assets.

Highly specialized reverse engineering services.

Understanding the technical aspects of how a product is made is vital to successfully proving infringement in litigation. Our highly specialized services include product teardowns focused on internal hardware components and relevant software interaction such as integrated circuit (IC) package analysis, IC chip analysis, back-end of line analysis, front-end of line analysis, and circuit extraction.

Boosting the most essential elements of technology.

We help the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers protect and optimize the invaluable IP that’s embedded within the microchips that keep the world turning.

Reduce the cost of evidence mining by up to 45%.

Accelerate discovery of infringement evidence.

Proactively manage patent portfolio health to maximize revenue.

Video: What’s behind the screen of an iPhone 15 Pro?

Check out the video to see what we discovered around the technology updates

Case Study: Patent Landscaping that Goes Beyond to Uncover Opportunities

“The UnitedLex Vantage IP platform exceeded our expectations.”

Mary Gritzmacher, General Counsel, CoorsTek

Deep technical expertise.

From circuit extraction to nontechnology, we deliver essential insights, results and evidence that progress and protect the most technologically advanced innovations.

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Activate the power of data across legal.

Multi-platform by design, our comprehensive litigation support and investigations services are designed to take on the most complex discovery and review engagements.

Through data science, technical expertise and operational excellence, we help patent and trademark owners and their outside counsel optimize and align IP to business objectives.

Our suite of data-first legal business solutions unlocks value, creates capacity, and optimizes core functions in contracts, compliance, and other related areas.

We enable the world’s leading legal departments to harness the power of their data and deliver measurable value to the businesses they support.

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2024 IP Impact Study: Trends in Benchmarking Value