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From Lab to Table: Intellectual Property Trends in Alternative Proteins


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Plant-derived Protein: Products made from soy, wheat, pea protein, oats, and other plant-based ingredients.
When considering Generative AI to streamline privilege logging, be sure to match the tool to the approach.
Selecting eDiscovery providers? Consider their financial health, migration expertise, and security protocols to ensure your legal operations are efficient and secure.
Even among tech companies, where there is an obsession with secrecy, Apple Inc stood out.
Based on survey input from 200+ IP professionals, this report explores measuring IP impact from all angles.
Strategies to implement a response process that is transparent, audible, and defensible.
As legal professionals navigate new use cases for AI, it is imperative that they maintain their duty of diligence.
In-depth analysis of immediate use cases for AI, including case analysis, document review, privilege logs, response drafting and budgeting and settlement
Understand the goals, challenges, and lessons learned when Haleon and UnitedLex created a hybrid legal department delivering ongoing innovation and value for the business.
Source code review provides an inside look of how software products work. It is critical to getting an objective look at how a technology behaves, communicates with other devices, stores data, and executes various operations.
Apple could avoid the import ban by moving manufacturing to the US, but that would introduce a host of legal and business challenges — including wilful infringement – which can lead to enhanced damages.

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