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From Lab to Table: Intellectual Property Trends in Alternative Proteins

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Delivered through curated patent data and AI-enabled technology, Vantage for IP produces comprehensive competitive and economic analyses that redefine the industry standard.

Reveal the commercial impacts of strategic decisions and uncover cost savings by assessing patents with objective data analysis. Faster and more accurate than ever before, Vantage for IP helps you evaluate choices around:

  • Patent licensing
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  • Patent portfolio mining
  • Patent lapse optimization
  • Patent prosecution strategy
  • Patentability and FTO searches

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From Lab to Table: Intellectual Property Trends in Alternative Proteins

Plant-derived Protein: Products made from soy, wheat, pea protein, oats, and other plant-based ingredients.

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2024 IP Impact Study: Trends in Benchmarking Value

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2024 IP Impact Study: Trends in Benchmarking Value