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AI-Powered Document Review: How CAL Can Speed Up Your Next Case

Flexible Scaling to Support Mega Matter Needs

Multi-District Litigations (MDLs) are some of the most complex, time-consuming, and process-driven cases in the industry. These cases require specialized knowledge, workflows, and skillsets from collection to production to trial support and beyond.


With 30,000+ claims in 9 domestic jurisdictions after consolidation (3 Federal, 6 State) and 3 International Jurisdictions, specialized teams and workflows were necessary to efficiently reviewed 10.3+ MM documents.  The results of workflow consulting and analytics efforts were essential to coordinating the cases efficiently and cost effectively.  For example, with continuous active learning (CAL), $2.8M+ in cost savings was realized on first pass review alone. 

With a peak global team of 643 people on three continents, 6.1+ MM documents comprised of 25.7+ MM pages were successfully produced across the 12 global jurisdictions.

For many Life Sciences businesses, MDLs are part of ongoing litigation that they must fight on all fronts. Finding a partner with the expertise to scale specialized teams across all pieces of the litigation process allows for 24/7 support and streamlining workflows across the globe. 

In reflecting on the value that UnitedLex delivered, the client’s outside counsel commented: “I cannot believe we accomplished all that we did.  Thank you so much for the Herculean effort and please pass my praise along to the team."


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