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5 Litigation and AI Trends to Watch in 2024

White Paper

Our latest thinking on the issues that matter most in legal transformation.

In-depth analysis of immediate use cases for AI, including case analysis, document review, privilege logs, response drafting and budgeting and settlement
Understand the goals, challenges, and lessons learned when Haleon and UnitedLex created a hybrid legal department delivering ongoing innovation and value for the business.
Understand how transitioning from tactical to strategic outside counsel management can drive greater business value.
This report shares strategic insights on managing to the bottom line without sacrificing accuracy or competitive positioning.
Semiconductors are vital for driving performance and functionalities in all modern devices that have become integral to our society
Conduct concurrent first-pass and secondary review workflows, such as issue coding, privilege review and redaction applications, for greater cost savings and faster time to results.
Recommendations for incorporating AI into your existing workflows and the importance of having “cognitive flexibility”
Employees are departing. But what are they taking with them? Develop a strategy to monitor, preserve and understand when sensitive IP may be at risk with this timely checklist.
Navigate potential pitfalls including ethical considerations, giving incorrect answers and questions around attorney-client privilege.
An analysis of the filing trends, litigation data and patent portfolio management decisions of top OEMs, highlighting the evolution towards electric vehicles.
The unique perspectives of Richard Susskind and Mark A. Cohen in a recent discussion revealed a new legal landscape where stagnation is not an option.
Understand the current trends impacting the multi-district litigation landscape and assess the implications with this MDL checklist.

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