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15 Top Takeaways: “Generative AI, ChatGPT and the Future of Law: Silver Bullet or Shot in the Dark?”

Legal Operations

Legal operations built for the future.

We empower the world’s leading legal teams to meaningfully contribute to the strength and competitive advantage of the business.

A data-first approach to modernization.

Now more than ever, corporate legal teams are mandated to do more than provide legal support and protection.

We help legal teams design and implement modernized operating models to increase department performance, optimize outside counsel relationships, and realize significant cost savings. 

Learn how we help legal teams deliver more value and reduce risk.

Services to advance the value of legal.

Operating model design & optimization

Build and augment your legal team leveraging an upskilling model, horizontal capacity, and volume management, with an understanding of the acceptable levels of risk in your operating model.

Outside counsel management

Strategically manage your network of outside counsel to ensure the right resources are aligned to the right matters. With a tailored framework that allows you to select, oversee, and evaluate the performance of outside counsel, we help ensure your legal needs are met in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Cybrarian legal knowledge management

Direct legal service request into a centralized portal, enabling smarter routing based on resource capacity and utilization. Track legal SME responses to common business-legal questions to drive improved utilization, business self-service, and manage legal knowledge.

Talent transformation

Support corporate activities or technological deployments to drive adoption, reduce attrition, and reskill/upskill employees to their highest and best use.

Secondments & liquid workforce

In-source immediate expertise and provide bandwidth support by utilizing a trained and experienced team that can ebb and flow with the pipeline.

Technology modernization

Consolidate, implement, and build a technology package that enables a better customer experience, simplifies operations, and reduces risk within the organization.

More solutions.

Activate the power of data across legal. 

Multi-platform by design, our comprehensive litigation support and investigations services are designed to take on the most complex discovery and review engagements.
Through data science, technical expertise and operational excellence, we help patent and trademark owners and their outside counsel optimize and align IP to business objectives.
Our suite of data-first legal business solutions unlocks value, creates capacity, and optimizes core functions in contracts, compliance, and other related areas.


Delivering at the leading-edge of digital and legal

The “Winter is Coming” Reality of the Global Economy Should Inspire Bold Thinking in Legal Strategy

In Dan Reed's latest article for Fast Company, he explains the importance of examining long-standing practices to ensure they’re not standing in the way of innovation.

Forging New Paths at the Foothills of Legal Modernization

The unique perspectives of Richard Susskind and Mark A. Cohen in a recent discussion revealed a new legal landscape where stagnation is not an option.

Legalweek: What can you reasonably expect out of ChatGPT?

Crews noted that while many legaltech types have high hopes for generative AI use in law, including himself, at its core the technology isn’t that revolutionary. 

Meet Our Experts: Liz Cherkis 

At UnitedLex, we match proven workflows with right-sized technology to meet the needs of matters and clients we support.

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