Incident Response Solutions 

Speed is what you need when a data breach occurs 

You want to identify as soon as possible the extent of the exposure and understand what your obligations are to your customers, employees, and any third parties impacted by the breach. Effective data analysis can provide you with the critical information on whose data was breached, and fast. 

The Value to you

Our technology and global resources focus on identifying private and sensitive information (PXI) quickly, enabling you to determine the best route forwards in the early and critical timeframes of a data breach. We work seamlessly with cyber insurance companies, cyber consultancies, and law firms assisting with a data breach. 

Expert-driven process, with exclusive technology 

You want a rapid and accurate solution for cyber breaches, that fits with your specific requirements. 

Our teams continually innovate with technology and work on refining strategies to identify personal data, so we can help you to generate notification lists faster and reduce the number of documents needing review. As part of this innovation we recently partnered with Open Discover by dotFurther, with exclusive deployments, to power more inclusive and precise identification of PXI in significantly less time, improving review times from days to just hours. 

Dedicated Incident Response Review Teams

Breaches can happen at any time, so you want to know you have resources ready when you need it. 

Our global, dedicated incident response review teams work around the clock to collaborate with counsel and prioritize data types for immediate analysis. They ensure the PXI extraction efforts are complete and ready for the final step of developing a high quality and accurate notification list. 

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