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Patent Landscaping that Goes Beyond to Uncover Opportunities: A Case Study

CoorsTek is a leading global manufacturer of technical ceramics. By leveraging expertise in engineering and materials science, CoorsTek provides solutions to complex technical challenges in the semiconductor, medical, automotive, aerospace, and other industries. With over 400 proprietary formulations, vertically integrated systems, and unparalleled process capabilities, CoorsTek partners with its customers to make the world measurably better.


CoorsTek sought to better understand its patent portfolio strengths and weaknesses to build IP roadmaps, strengthen the strategic position of its IP, and inform business decisions. The company wanted a portfolio comparison across more than 25 current and potential competitors.


To complement an initial report and aid in this level of analysis, UnitedLex developed a neutral technological solution capable of delivering comprehensive-yet-digestible analyses through a dynamic user interface that could be refreshed with updated data quarterly. This dynamic solution far exceeded the capabilities of current off-the-shelf offerings available.

In less than three months, UnitedLex produced and refined a tool capable of analyzing the complete data sets and visualizing the results in an easy, interactive way. Within the system, more than 40 users across the CoorsTek business now access customizable dashboards to easily filter and view all of the data and findings to get a precise view of any segment of its patent portfolio, how it’s working for them, and how it stacks up against the competition. Information and data are updated quarterly to ensure timeliness and accuracy.


CoorsTek obtained a competitive landscape and portfolio analysis that goes far beyond publicly available data, presented in a customizable way that ensures they can extract the most relevant and recent insights for any segment quickly and easily. CoorsTek now has a clear understanding of the strengths and opportunities within its IP portfolio that changes with the market by refreshing manually curated data quarterly to provide real-time, customized insights and analyses not available anywhere else. As an added bonus, the customizable and detailed analysis identified operational inconsistencies within CoorsTek’s U.S. and Japanese IP divisions, enabling development of best practices for reconciliation.

“UnitedLex gave us the competitive patent landscape data that we needed, and by providing their insights and analysis in a visually interactive platform, it allowed us to identify new IP opportunities relevant to our business activities. Now we have the tools to more easily uncover meaningful insights to guide not just our IP strategy but impactful business decisions throughout our organization. The UnitedLex Vantage IP platform exceeded our expectations.”

-Mary Gritzmacher, General Counsel, CoorsTek

This work for CoorsTek was powered by Vantage for IP™. To see how competitive landscaping with custom data can help you strengthen your IP position against competitors, let’s have a short call to discuss.