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A Sea Change for Trade Secret Protection? The Potential Noncompete Ban, Employee Departures, and Digital Forensics

Intellectual Property

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As innovation drives automotive industry faster than ever, developing a strong patent portfolio will continue to remain a crucial business strategy. Patent Filings in some key whitespaces can give automotive players a competitive head start.
The semiconductor industry has always been the hotbed of innovations...
The gaming industry is going through a tremendous paradigm shift after accumulating a mind-boggling market share in 2021.
Let's investigate the A15 SoC extracted from the iPhone 13 Pro Max built with TSMC's one of most advanced process technologies (N5P).
The auto industry's operational dynamics are changing, and their corporate IP departments need a reset to optimize their IP strategy.
Dr. Arabinda Das, Director, IP Solutions at UnitedLex, explores the rise of smart devices and the need for evolving IP strategies to keep pace.
A patentability search can be time-consuming, but UnitedLex provides the tools needed to quicken your pace to profit.
Intellectual property can create additional revenue streams for your business. Here we list the types of intellectual property you should be leveraging.
Patent mining for asset growth - all you need to know
Patent mining is an important step in the process of transforming a patent portfolio from a passive liability into an active financial asset.
If a patent holder allows their patent fees to lapse, they can lose the patent. Therefore, effective patent management includes patent maintenance fees.
Conducting a freedom to operate search in the early stages of development of a product or idea can save a company money. Learn more about the process.
Having an IP Asset Management strategy is critical for the overall vision of a company and how it invests its time and resources.

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