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The UnitedLex Automotive U.S. Patent Lapse Analysis

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Tesla grows its portfolio as Elon Musk declares “patents are for the weak”

Over the last decade, Tesla has expanded its electric vehicle patent portfolio, amassing approximately 1,000 through 2021. While holding only a fraction of the patents held by large combustion engine OEMs, important metrics indicate Tesla adjusted its patent management strategy leading up to 2016. Yet, Tesla’s CEO espouses a contradictory position publicly, claiming that patents are for the weak.

This analysis is part of the UnitedLex Automotive U.S. Patent Lapse Series. Throughout the series, we will profile unique patent lapse trends and portfolio management decisions of top OEMs and suppliers and then conclude with a detailed analysis of the U.S. automotive industry through the lens of patent data.

Download this report to find out:

  • What does Tesla’s patent lapse rate signal about its IP strategy?
  • How does the patent lapse rate vary between top OEMs and Tesla?
  • What changes within the industry have caused manufacturers to adjust their IP strategy?
  • Where are the opportunities for portfolio optimization during uncertain economic times?

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