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From Lab to Table: Intellectual Property Trends in Alternative Proteins

Legal Operations

Understand the goals, challenges, and lessons learned when Haleon and UnitedLex created a hybrid legal department delivering ongoing innovation and value for the business.
Understand how transitioning from tactical to strategic outside counsel management can drive greater business value.
In Dan Reed's latest article for Fast Company, he explains the importance of examining long-standing practices to ensure they’re not standing in the way of innovation.
The unique perspectives of Richard Susskind and Mark A. Cohen in a recent discussion revealed a new legal landscape where stagnation is not an option.
Crews noted that while many legaltech types have high hopes for generative AI use in law, including himself, at its core the technology isn’t that revolutionary. 
At UnitedLex, we match proven workflows with right-sized technology to meet the needs of matters and clients we support.
The best legal outcomes are often not the best business outcomes.
While ChatGPT has caught the attention of many in the legal market, its underlying AI engine is where the real power—and disruption—lies.
In NewLaw, the work is never done. In effect, in pure generational terms, it has just begun.
As a companion piece to that article, we present some of the underlying data supporting its key points.
If quantifying legal value is the objective, how do get you there? This guide outlines challenges to quantifying value, value calculations and helpful tips for finding the data points that drive success and create value.

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