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AI-Powered Document Review: How CAL Can Speed Up Your Next Case

Intellectual Property

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The efficient SiC science driving the future Electric Vehicles and the Electric Vehicles driving the SiC manufacturing
The healthcare industry has begun to utilize technologies such as Machine Learning (ML) and AI in the early diagnosis of cancer.
Patent proofreading is vital. Errors in patents are inevitable and mistakes can be costly. In fact, some errors can change the scope of the patent and defeat its purpose. Proofreading patents can help identify said mistakes and confirm a patent's meaning.
Everyone is tapping their feet to join the Metaverse dance by announcing new business visions, acquisitions, rebrandings and much more. However, is their IP strategy on track?
It would be interesting to see if AI could formulate patents that would be applicable to various adjacent technologies.
A comprehensive analysis of the first Wireless Charging smartphone from Xiaomi.
Unearthing technologies powering Xiaomi Mi Mix 2's ultrasonic proximity sensor & more.
Decapping interesting details of components powering this premium smartphone.
Unravelling all that powers Xiaomi's 2017 flagship Android Oreo device.
From going under the Super AMOLED to sifting through the logic board, this report analyzes the hardware powering this smartphone.
A comprehensive teardown analysis that cuts the cords of a seemingly futuristic smartphone.
Excavating Teardown of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 mines Dolby Atmos Surround Sound Technology and more.

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