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The Costly Impact of Non-strategic Patents: A Lapse Analysis of the Top 5 Automotive Brands

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The five largest auto manufacturers will face massive U.S. patent fees within the next five years. This report examines their decisions on which patents to keep, sell or prune, and the resulting cost savings and revenue extraction.  

Patent lapse strategies can help companies in any industry out-maneuver the competition. Volume 2 of the U.S. Patent Lapse Series highlights how such decisions, especially during uncertain economic times, can impact the bottom line exponentially within a few years. Download the report to find out: 

  • What is the patent lapse strategy leading Honda to save millions each year? 
  • How has Toyota’s patent lapse rate changed in the last 10-years?  
  • How do the patent lapse rate and associated costs vary between top OEMs? 
  • Where are the opportunities for portfolio optimization during uncertain economic times?  

This analysis is part of the UnitedLex Automotive U.S. Patent Lapse Series. Throughout the series, we profile unique patent lapse trends and portfolio management decisions of top OEMs and suppliers and conclude with a detailed analysis of the U.S. automotive industry through the lens of patent data. 

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