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15 Top Takeaways: “Generative AI, ChatGPT and the Future of Law: Silver Bullet or Shot in the Dark?”

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This glossary of terms is built to clarify the common language and demystify the acronyms sur-rounding contract management.
A Case Study on the Difference Between Winning Versus Losing in Complex Litigation
We received the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro in our Dallas, Texas labs and identified several components that differentiate this iteration of the iPhone.
Leveraging Continuous Active Learning (CAL) over simple keyword searches has become a necessity for in-house attorneys and law firms, yet it is still not widely adopted.
Corporate legal teams often seek to have an outside managed service provider perform contract data extraction from their contract portfolios to gain actionable insights.
Please join us as we continue the conversation around legal modernization.
Innovation fever is gripping the law department and virtually everything is up for modernization, including the tried-and-true: contract. Download our step-by-step guide to turn contracts into data points to drive strategic decision-making.
Everyone is tapping their feet to join the Metaverse dance by announcing new business visions, acquisitions, rebrandings and much more. However, is their IP strategy on track?
Legal is on a mission to consolidate their law firm partners and unify their data to minimize costs, mitigate risk and manage widening workloads, but they are slamming into roadblocks.
Effective use of key performance indicators (KPIs) during litigation gives corporate leaders the data they need to make decisions
The gaming industry is going through a tremendous paradigm shift after accumulating a mind-boggling market share in 2021.
Companies that embrace patent monetization in the digital age boost their IP ROI.

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