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UnitedLex Again a Three-Time Finalist in Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law Awards


As 2023 draws to a close, UnitedLex is set to finish the year on a high note, once again earning the honor of being a three-time finalist in the upcoming 2024 Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law Awards which recognize innovation in the legal technology sector and precedent-setting, game-changing projects and initiatives in the United States.

UnitedLex was shortlisted in the E-Discovery Technology category for its RAPID Review offering

RAPID Review leverages continuous active learning (CAL), customized AI solutions, and industry expertise to lift the burden of first pass review and deliver:

  • 75% faster speed to completion over traditional approaches
  • Cost predictability for first pass review & concurrent secondary review workflows
  • RAPID report providing total project transparency and defensibility.

RAPID Review delivers optimized workforce review of exception documents; 4,700 proprietary privilege terms; 500+ terms and RegEx patterns to identify HIPAA, PII, and sensitive content; and a 98% quality guarantee.

In the Innovating Knowledge Management category, UnitedLex was shortlisted for Vantage for IP:

Vantage for IP goes well beyond current patent research tools that rely strictly on publicly available patent filings by incorporating client-specific enterprise data. Utilizing that curated patent data and generative AI, Vantage for IP provides comprehensive competitive analyses that enable corporations and law firms to confidently make strategic patent decisions that better align with broader business objectives, seize new revenue opportunities, and in some instances, find millions of dollars in hidden cost savings.

Vantage for IP generates detailed, prescriptive insights from both internal and external data that inform growth areas for filing, competitors’ IP strengths and weaknesses, patent categories ripe for pruning or divestment, patent counsel performance, and portfolio cost estimations. Bringing speed and precision to information, the expanded Vantage capabilities quickly generate critical business insights that inform IP strategies for greater business impact.

Finally, in the Litigation Technology category, UnitedLex was selected for Vantage Intelligence Repository:

Vantage Intelligence Repository enriches knowledge management and empowers clients to leverage data and insights across their litigation discovery portfolio. Through Vantage Intelligence Repository’s unique architecture, UnitedLex clients build a repository of historic work-product without having to duplicate documents that often contain sensitive information, regardless of data origination, significantly reducing discovery costs.

Compared to solutions in the market that rely exclusively on basic algorithms, touted as “Artificial Intelligence,” Vantage Intelligence Repository’s pattern-attribution technology generates category scores by leveraging historic decisions regarding relevance, privilege, and issues, as well as other discovery work product and is tailored to case complexities and client needs. As new documents are collected for ongoing legal matters, Vantage Intelligence Repository compares new “fingerprints” against those of previously cataloged data. When fingerprints match, Vantage Intelligence Repository calculates easily interpretable scores indicating relevance to prior decisions, creating referenceable institutional knowledge to build and enrich legal data over time. Importantly, Vantage Intelligence Repository accomplishes this without creating additional repositories of these sensitive documents, incorporating them where they exist.

Corporate legal teams and law firms benefit from being able to:

  • Capture, consolidate, and reuse fact sets and work product across litigation portfolios.
  • Identify patterns and insights from previous decisions to develop data-driven legal strategies.
  • Improve speed and accuracy by automatically identifying previous decisions for future matters.
  • Remove costs and mitigate risks around long-term data hosting.

2023 kicked off in bold fashion as UnitedLex was named a three-time finalist in the Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law Awards. Being a three-time finalist in the Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law Awards to both begin and close the year is testament to UnitedLex’s innovative approach to leveraging technology and data-driven insights to reinvent companies’ legal operations and build competitive advantage. UnitedLex launched its innovation center to incubate new ideas and build and pressure test capabilities across legal. The innovation center is accompanied by a $10 million multiyear financial commitment to expand UnitedLex’s data science capabilities in an environment increasingly led by pragmatism.

As the Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law Awards can attest, early results have exceeded expectations!  Stay tuned in 2024 for even more.

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