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UnitedLex Launches RAPID Review, Accelerating Review Process by 75% with a 98% Quality Assurance Guarantee


New AI-assisted review saved a Fortune 200 financial services company $3.5M by eliminating 3M documents and 60k hours of first pass

UnitedLex, a leading data and professional services company specializing in litigation, intellectual property, contracts, compliance, and legal operations, today announced the launch of RAPID Review, an AI-assisted review model that delivers 75% faster speed-to-data than traditional approaches, backed by a 98% quality assurance guarantee, and eliminates first pass review while delivering cost predictability and savings.

  • The optimized review model reduces the need for eyes-on review and continues to modernize how litigation and review teams leverage machine learning to do their jobs faster, more efficiently, and with less cost and risk. Key differentiators of RAPID Review include:
  • The RAPID Report which outlines defensibility, ranking, elusion testing, and matter-specific details.
  • The application of secondary review tools: PrivShield providing 4,700+ proprietary privilege terms; RedactShield utilizing 500+ terms and pattern matching, e.g., RegEx, to identify HIPAA, PXI, and other sensitive content; and ProdShield with validated statistical sampling.
  • Cost predictability across responsive and secondary review workflows.

“RAPID Review is one of the first products to come out of our innovation lab and demonstrates how AI is positively impacting how lawyers litigate,” said Savitha Masson, VP, UnitedLex. “Our strategic deployment of continuous active learning and AI solutions for large data sets is helping our corporate and law firm clients achieve unparalleled speed to facts to inform litigation strategy.”

Clients are benefiting from an early rollout of the service. UnitedLex utilized RAPID Review in support of a Fortune 200 financial services company needing an efficient, defensible, cost-effective response to an HSR Second Request, a discovery procedure that requires production of an often-burdensome volume of documents under very short deadlines. RAPID Review met DOJ requirements and deadlines while saving the client $3.5 million and 60,000 review hours.

The launch coincides with the EDI Leadership Summit in Indian Wells, California, where Ryan Reeves, UnitedLex EVP of Litigation and Investigations, is speaking on a panel on procurement strategies for litigation services. Learn more about RAPID Review: HERE

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