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UnitedLex Launches Vantage for IP, a First-of-its-Kind AI-Powered Analytics Dashboard for Patent Value Creation  


New service delivery platform enables clients to visualize and activate patent insights faster 

UnitedLex, a leading data and professional services company specializing in litigation, intellectual property, contracts, compliance, and legal operations, announces the launch of Vantage for IP, a proprietary AI-powered analytics platform that provides a diverse set of commercial patent insights and competitive analyses through a real-time interactive dashboard. The expansion of Vantage, the company’s technology suite built to collect and activate data, analytics, and insights, represents the next phase of the company’s mission to empower its clients to drive demonstrative value. 

Vantage for IP goes well beyond current patent research tools that rely strictly on publicly available patent filings by incorporating client-specific enterprise data combined with UnitedLex’s proprietary AI algorithms. Utilizing that curated patent data and AI-assisted technology, Vantage for IP provides comprehensive competitive analyses that enable corporations and law firms to confidently make strategic patent decisions that better align with broader business objectives, seize new revenue opportunities, and in some instances, find millions of dollars in hidden cost savings.  

By generating insight from both internal and external data, Vantage for IP enables users to: 

  • Strengthen competitive positioning⁠ with dynamic visualizations of custom patent data analytics across multiple technology areas. 
  • Enhance filing decisions based on real-time market and competitor data. 
  • Budget and forecast portfolio spend and compare against competitors, including outside counsel costs.  
  • Assess industry lapse trends, benchmark lapse rates against competitors, and calculate future cost savings on patents worth pruning. 

“In light of global economic conditions, patent owners are creatively balancing business objectives with tightening resources, making objective data and insights even more imperative in strategic portfolio management,” said Joe Dearing, EVP, Intellectual Property Solutions, UnitedLex. “Together with our team of IP experts, Vantage for IP brings transparency to complex patent data and quickly surfaces hidden cost-saving and revenue-generating opportunities.” 

Bringing speed and precision to information, Vantage for IP quickly generates critical business insights that inform IP strategies to make better decisions and, in many instances, find millions of dollars in potential cost savings.  

“UnitedLex gave us the competitive patent landscape data that we needed, and by providing their insights and analysis in a visually interactive platform, it allowed us to identify new IP opportunities relevant to our business activities,” said Mary Gritzmacher, General Counsel, CoorsTek. “We more easily uncovered meaningful insights to guide not just our IP strategy but impactful business decisions throughout our R&D organization. The UnitedLex Vantage for IP platform exceeded our expectations.”  

Learn more about Vantage for IP: HERE

Read the release on GlobeNewswire: HERE

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