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Employee Departures: 6 Steps to Protecting your IP Through a Changing Workforce

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BYOD. Remote work. Employee departures taking place at an exponentially higher rate than ever before. These issues, coupled with fast-moving technologies that facilitate anytime, anywhere communications, leave organizations navigating new IP risks that could have profound impacts on their businesses.

In the wake of departures, even the largest, most sophisticated organization needs to ensure plans and policies are in place to address exiting employees with a clear, proactive strategy to protect IP.

Download our checklist now for:

  • Considerations to help monitor, preserve and understand when sensitive IP may be at risk
  • Guidance on removing access upon departure – including the difference between disabling accounts and deleting them
  • Tips to conduct exit interviews focused on understanding what data is being taken, how it will be stored and where it is taken from

Download the Checklist

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