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From Lab to Table: Intellectual Property Trends in Alternative Proteins

Are you leveraging AI in your litigation?

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Seven Strategies to Adopt AI in Legal Tasks

Having the right AI tools, at the right time, for the right task will be essential in 2024 – and beyond – given the fiercely bottom-line driven legal landscape.

Access our timely whitepaper, Moving Past First Pass: AI-Driven Strategies to Dominate Document Review, for seven key strategies to adopt when implementing—and optimizing!—AI in document review. Our insights will help you understand the opportunities and address the limitations so you can effectively:   

  • Conduct concurrent first-pass and secondary review workflows for greater cost savings and faster time to results.
  • Navigate challenges such as document collection richness, highly diverse data sets, changing relevancy scope, exclusion handling and more.
  • Enhance data protection tasks for sensitive, confidential and privileged data with robust AI models.
  • Achieve full confidence in the process and quality of results.

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