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AI-Powered Document Review: How CAL Can Speed Up Your Next Case


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In NewLaw, the work is never done. In effect, in pure generational terms, it has just begun.
As a companion piece to that article, we present some of the underlying data supporting its key points.
Daily there are IP news stories about companies settling IP license agreements, filing PTAB petitions or appealing to federal circuits. These patents that are licensed or litigated are considered “golden patents”—usually from the plaintiff—because they clearly drive value worth protecting.
Everyone is tapping their feet to join the Metaverse dance by announcing new business visions, acquisitions, rebranding, and much more.
Three leading General Counsels from three disparate industries got together to talk about thriving as change accelerates. Here are the top five strategies that emerged from the conversation.
Where is Legal's value hiding? An article in Corporate Counsel by Scott Bien and Nicholas Mirick suggests adopting a data scientist mentality to articulate and increase value for legal departments.
Thing is that new challenges may be just around the corner if communication habits change.
On September 7, 2022, Apple launched the iPhone 14 series (iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max)
Companies have been prioritizing data maturity for years as part of ongoing digitization efforts.
Patent litigation is lengthy and costly. Lawsuits can last for years and cost millions of dollars. And, the damages awarded in patent litigation are generous.
If you were to look at many of the eDiscovery resources out there today, you might think that eDiscovery is about discovering documents or discovering data responsive to a litigation case or other eDiscovery use case.
To help protect our clients’ precious patents, we combine the power of automated tools and human effort.

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