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Prioritizing preservation begins with navigating your data landscape.

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With data at the center of any litigation or investigation, companies must take deliberate steps to ensure their preservation practices are optimized for the present day. For legal departments, the interplay between Legal Hold, Collection & Forensics, and Evidence Management is what promotes a well-defined and defensible preservation process at this early and critical phase of discovery. ​

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  • Common realities on the ground

    Many clients do not have adequate or dedicated resources for preservation functions within legal departments. Clients struggle to prioritize and build consistency and defensibility for these workflows.

    In an industry that often treats legal hold and data collections as siloed and reactive tasks, clients miss opportunities to align preservation with case strategy, gain early data insights, and reduce the risks of data loss or added exposure.

    The results of these challenges range from poorly conducted collections, unhappy stakeholders, increased exposure, data loss and sanctions, to unfavorable results in litigation – all of which have negative business impact.

    Our Approach

    Inspired to solve these common industry painpoints, UnitedLex developed dedicated preservation teams that provide consulting, execution, and management of clients’ preservation processes, which impacts all downstream discovery workflows and related costs.

    Meeting each client where they are, we can support one part of the process, provide overflow resources on-demand, or fully own the preservation lifecycle through our managed services. Clients have full visibility through reporting and metrics to engage as needed.​

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  • Impact

    Our preservation managers understand that legal departments need comprehensive solutions connecting preservation obligations with technical workflows to execute and manage the process defensibly. We support teams across the full data lifecycle and help ensure that preservation is a priority.

    Clients engage our support how and when they need it. By designing right-sized solutions for each client’s data landscape and resource needs, our goal is to ensure clients make better preservation decisions to mitigate risk of spoliation, reduce costs, and elevate visibility for legal.​

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