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Legal Hold Preservation Program for Exiting Employees


A Fortune 100 company routinely lost data from hundreds of employees who exited the company annually. The legal team lacked timely and consistent visibility on employee exits, delaying the collection of custodial data across multiple platforms. Moreover, there was inadequate cross-departmental communication and technology integration between Legal, HR, and the third-party vendors hired to initiate, track, and validate collected data. In addition, computers were retained by IT for longer than necessary for legal hold purposes.


After assessing the client’s current preservation policies, practices, and needs, UnitedLex delivered on the following solutions to build a defensible and technology-driven preservation program:

  • Recommended a right-sized legal hold technology that best fit the client’s needs

  • Delivered on a PMP-led plan to implement the legal hold technology by migrating data from client’s legacy legal hold spreadsheets and integrating HR data

  • Developed customized, automatic reports to communicate custodian legal hold status to IT and other enterprise application owners

  • Updated process and playbooks for effective preservation management and provide ongoing technology and project management support.

“The integration and optimization of technology across Legal, HR, & IT minimized manual touch points and streamlined documentation across teams.”


The Legal department gained a global perspective on legal hold and exit collection metrics which they used to inform preservation decisions. The integration and optimization of technology across Legal, HR and IT minimized manual touch points and streamlined documentation across teams. The client mitigated the risk of potential data loss by implementing an exit process that safeguarded collection protocols and tracking. Ultimately the approach reduced IT costs through timely repurposing of devices after exit collections were complete.

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