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Forward-thinking companies align IP and asset management with the overall business strategy, taking advantage of opportunities to create new revenue streams, increasing profitability.

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Joe Dearing

Joe Dearing

Executive Vice President, Intellectual Property
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Many businesses make significant upfront investments in patent development—few have maximized the earning potential of their asset portfolio. Digitally-powered IP solutions enable IP leaders to create, monetize, and fully exploit their portfolios. Companies that transform their IP practices with data-driven insights, deep legal expertise, domain knowledge, and integrated technology witness a steep rise in ROI on IP assets, increased revenue opportunities, reduced costs and accelerated outcomes.

  • Case StudyAltaba: Strategic Consulting on Patent Portfolio Monetization

    The investment firm leveraged IP evaluation service for successful licensing opportunities.

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  • IP Lifecycle

    Janise Lee

    Vice President IP Solutions

    Janise Lee
    Our Approach

    "Our IP lifecycle strategically builds, manages, and monetizes patent portfolios, enabling our clients to capitalize on revenue opportunities and increase the value of their intellectual property."

    Intellectual Property Lifecycle

    The power of a digitally-enabled intellectual property department enables leaders to make better strategic decisions, unlock new revenue opportunities, and lower cost across the entire intellectual property lifecycle.

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      Transformative IP Strategy

      Build a strategy that uncovers monetization opportunities and organically discovers actionable patents.

      Build a strategy that creates market-relevant IP, uncovers monetization opportunities, and discovers actionable patents while driving down costs and ultimately accelerating portfolio growth.


      • Role definition optimization

      • Process refinement

      • Technology enablement

      • Operational discipline

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