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 Innovation in IP Management  

We help increase profitability and competitive advantage by empowering well-informed, strategic IP decisions and smart portfolio management.  

Data science, proprietary technology and our team of technical experts deliver essential intelligence and prosecution support, putting you in full control of your IP portfolio.

  • Search & Analytics

    We enable confident strategic decision-making around your patent strategy.

    We enable confident strategic decision-making delivered through a full spectrum of patent insight and intelligence solutions.  

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Vantage for IP  

Utilizing manually curated patent data, AI and technology, we produce insights that go far beyond the industry standard - empowering strategic business decisions that save customers time and money while also strengthening their IP position.

In what used to take days or weeks, we deliver competitive intelligence and operational insights within minutes, that highlight IP assets, ripe to prune or sell so customers can reduce costs, increase efficiencies and seize areas of opportunity.  

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