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15 Top Takeaways: “Generative AI, ChatGPT and the Future of Law: Silver Bullet or Shot in the Dark?”

Vantage for IP

Delivering clarity with patent analytics and competitive intelligence

Visualize patent performance like never before.

Vantage for IP surpasses the industry standard in transforming portfolio data and related analyses into actionable business intelligence. Utilizing custom data structures and AI-assisted technology, we deliver commercial and competitive insights in real-time, enabling confident strategic patent decisions.

Vantage for IP accelerates decision making.

Vantage for IP brings speed and precision to the economic components of patent portfolio performance. Within minutes, this service-delivery-technology produces the commercial impacts of critical patent decisions, providing clarity and accelerating decision-making compared to traditional analysis methods that normally take days or weeks to compile.

Increase accuracy and reduce costs

Increase speed and accuracy in finding patents of strategic importance with AI-powered insights.

Forecast cost savings

Project and visualize the commercial effects of patent decisions against competitors to reveal cost-saving opportunities that will help you win.

Strengthen competitive positioning

Bring the S.W.O.T. analysis to your patent portfolio by utilizing benchmark and landscape data to improve your IP positioning.

Ready to put the next generation of IP insights to work for your patent portfolio?

Services delivered through Vantage for IP

Patent Lapse Analysis​

Patent lapse strategy is one of the greatest cost-saving levers available to IP departments. Reinvesting cost savings from lapse decisions can help fund expanding your patent strategy or return savings back to the business.

Competitive Patent Analytics

Make well-informed strategic patent decisions efficiently. The dynamic and clean visualizations of the custom data structures will help you gain a competitive edge as you compare your portfolio assets in multiple technology areas against others.

Dynamic Patent Budget Mapping

Build a better understanding of your IP costs, future savings opportunities and how your portfolio expenditures compare to competitors. In addition to tracking expenditures, you can forecast and account for all costs of managing your patent portfolio.


Delivering at the leading-edge of digital and legal

The US and China embrace contrasting Wireless Charging technologies to revolutionize the future of EVs

Monitoring and observing how various geographies engage and contribute to the wireless EV charging market from an IP strategy perspective would be quite interesting.

Toyota is investing most heavily in EV and autonomous tech, study suggests

Carmakers are aggressively pruning patent portfolios covering combustion engines as they invest more heavily in transportation technologies of the future, according to a new report by UnitedLex.

Is Tesla driving towards patent monetization by suing charging tech rival for refusing to take a license?

Tesla Inc has become infamous in the IP community for its reputation as anti-patent.

Patent insights from times of industry transformation

An analysis of the filing trends, litigation data and patent portfolio management decisions of top OEMs, highlighting the evolution towards electric vehicles.

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