Intellectual Property

In a fast-changing, hyper-competitive world, the traditional boundaries of technology are blurring. This evolving landscape requires organizations to build smart IP portfolios that enable them to both defend their current businesses and capitalize on proactive licensing revenue strategies. UnitedLex helps technology companies and leading law firms unlock and protect the value of their IP assets.

Driving Efficiency Throughout the IP Lifecycle

We combine technology expertise with practical business insight to rationalize the costs of large IP portfolios and profoundly improve our clients' licensing and litigation outcomes. We have supported the world’s leading companies in more than 250 patent litigation matters and achieved over $3 billion in favorable client settlements and jury verdicts in the past 10 years.

More than 200 engineers and scientists with advanced degrees and deep industry experience work closely with

in-house and outside counsel to build smart patent and trademark portfolios, while substantially decreasing overall spend. We also develop, implement, and manage brand and trademark enforcement strategies.

We are at the forefront of using technology to drive efficiency throughout the IP lifecycle. Our custom tools leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to help clients manage data effectively and make data-driven business decisions.

Intellectual Property Monetization in the Digital Age

How to double the return on IP investments


We have achieved more than $3 billion in favorable client settlements and jury verdicts in the past 10 years.

We have executed in-depth due diligence on 1 million+ patents.

We have performed 200,000+ patentability searches.

We have analyzed 100+ terabytes of product source code and generated 50,000+ invalidity, infringement, and evidence-of-use charts.

Deep Technical Expertise in Key Domains


  • Materials, MEMS, integrated circuits, memory, batteries, nanotechnology
  • Dedicated reverse engineering lab with cutting-edge infrastructure
  • Product teardown, IC package analysis, IC chip analysis, circuit extraction
  • Systematic analysis of different hardware components

Telecommunications, Networking

  • 2G, 3GPP, 4G-LTE, 5G GSM, CDMA, base stations, handsets, wireless communication, VLAN
  • Analysis of telecom standards, components in wireless, wired and cellular networks
  • Ability to test at data link, transport, and network layers
  • Ability to perform simulation testing, handset/user equipment testing and base station testing
  • Analysis and testing of data packet and transmission rate
  • Testing using custom equipment

E-Commerce, Internet, Software

  • ERP, CRM, DRM, OS, DBMS, encryption, security, e-commerce, search engines, payment processing systems, social network
  • Analysis of source code
  • Decompiling of executables to decipher runtime behavior
  • Analysis of product work flow and usage, black box testing

Mechanical, Engineering, Automotive

  • Autonomous vehicles, vehicle control systems
  • Electrical vehicles, hybrid, charging, climate focus, eDrive, battery pack, power electronics
  • Connectivity, telematics, infotainment, mobility
  • Engine, chassis, electrical, fuel cell, transmission, manufacturing process
  • Safety, body structures, body interiors

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End-to-End Solutions for the Entire IP Lifecycle

Intellectual Property
Service Components

  • Patent Litigation

    Critical and timely evidence wins cases. We have revolutionized the process of building an organic body of evidence that promotes litigation success, minimizes infringement concerns, and drives monetization to extract the maximum value from IP assets.

    We provide comprehensive technology analysis and in-depth patent research support across the entire patent litigation lifecycle—from pre-litigation to filing productivity and innovation credit claims, throughout discovery, and during trial.

    • End-to-End Litigation Support: Starting from the pre-litigation stage to filing preliminary infringement contentions, offering analytical support through the fact discovery stage, leading to pre-trial procedures and the trial phase, we provide comprehensive and accurate technology analysis and research support across the entire litigation lifecycle. We understand that claim charts and documents don't win lawsuits—critical evidence does. Our technology experts unearth the best evidence—early in the process—for you and your testifying experts to use at every stage of litigation. With a deep understanding of the U.S. litigation process, our technology experts work with your attorneys on the ground, where and when you need them.
    • Case Evaluation and Pre-Litigation Analysis: We evaluate your case’s strengths and weaknesses, uncover preliminary evidence to determine the likelihood of infringement, and estimate potential damages. This assessment enables an early-phase, fact-based decision regarding whether to pursue a patent infringement matter.
    • Comprehensive IP Search: We have performed more than 6,500 prior art and invalidity searches. Our consultants have a strong track record of success in prior art search projects, including 85% success in finding strong §102 and §103 prior art references. We scour multiple sources—patents, published patent applications, and various non-patent published sources—on a global basis. We critically examine all patent embodiments and identify alternate applications during our prior art search. In most defense matters, the prior art we find becomes key to the final expert invalidity report or re-examination filing. This has led to early, favorable dispute resolution and has also significantly reduced the settlement costs and legal fees. Additionally, we report on safe geographies for commercializing a product and identify the extent of overlap with potential landmines in geographies of interest.
    • Reverse Engineering and Tear-Down: Understanding how a product is made and works is key to proving infringement and litigation success. Our highly specialized reverse-engineering services include product teardowns to focus on internal hardware components and relevant software interaction, such as integrated circuit (IC) package analysis, IC chip analysis, back-end of line analysis, front-end of line analysis, and circuit extraction.
    • Source Code Analysis: Source code evidence is the hardest-hitting proof point that our clients leverage and the most efficient route to unlocking information. It is also the most challenging form of discovery. We compile and synthesize all technical data from the source code and provide detailed insights to help lawyers strengthen infringement claims. We also analyze all artifacts related to source code, including database libraries, application programming interface, executables, and user interface.
    • Product Testing: Reliably testing of accused products in patent litigation often provides great insight and, in most cases, good evidence of infringement (or non-infringement). Using our testing labs and test simulators, we unearth evidence of use and subsequently tie it to the larger evidence stream uncovered within source code and technical documentations.

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