Case Studies

Questio Service Delivers $3.1M in Savings


  • A major energy products company was facing a warranty dispute related to underwater drilling equipment. Plaintiffs alleged that proper maintenance procedures & documentation had not been provided at time of sale.


  • Engaged to employ Questio against a large data set collected from US and EU.
  • UnitedLex consultants collaborated closely with counsel to perform communication and file type analysis within specified date range.
  • Further refinement of search criteria enabled through unique ability to view documents within Questio.

Business Impact

  • Initial data set totaling ~950,000 documents (662 GB) reduced to ~35,000 for promotion to review platform.
  • Small, specialized review team completed review in one week coding > 95% of documents relevant.
  • As relevant documents were identified through analysis of initial custodians’ data, processing and review of an additional 1TB of data delivered to UnitedLex was not required.
  • Questio achieved a cost reduction of > 99%, totaling $3.1 Million.

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