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An Update and Possible Solutions in the Apple Watch Saga

[LegalTech News] 5 Interesting AI Use Cases in the Legal Industry


A recent webinar discussion, Exploring AI: An In-Depth Discussion of Real-Life Legal Use Cases, featured expert panelists TracyAnn “TA” Eggen, LegalMation COO, Thomas Suh and UnitedLex VP of Analytics & AI, Cory Osher – who have first-hand experience with application of AI to several legal use cases.

In her coverage of the webinar on, Legal Tech reporter Isha Marathe surfaces how the program – held in collaboration with eDiscovery Today editor-in-chief Doug Austin, who served as Moderator, and EDRM – surfaced these legal use cases, how AI has helped streamline them, and considerations for applying AI to specific litigation tasks.

With the explosion in interest to harness the power of AI to get more done – faster and more effectively than ever before – this program offered timely, practical guidance.

In her coverage, Marathe explores 5 specific use cases the webinar panelists reviewed, including:

  • Knowledge Management
  • Discovery Response Automation
  • Investigations
  • Identifying ‘Hot Documents’
  • Making Business Decisions

Read the full article here.

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