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[Artificial Lawyer] Inhouse Counsel More Focused on AI + Automation Than US Law Firms


June 27, 2024 

An article published in Artificial Lawyer highlighted key data points revealed by our recent survey of 206 senior litigation professionals at American Lawyer 200 law firms and companies with at least $2 billion in annual revenue: 

“A survey of over 200 senior lawyers at AmLaw 200 law firms and those working inhouse at major corporations, mainly with a professional interest in disputes, has found that inhouse lawyers appear to be more focused now on AI and automation than their external cousins. 

The study by ALSP UnitedLex found that when asked what were the top areas for modernisation, only 57% of law firms said integrating automation and analytics, while 71% inhouse said this – which was the highest level of interest across all options. 

But, in addition, when asked about their long-term goals and specifically on what were the top areas for continuous improvement, inhouse lawyers said the top priority was adopting AI tools (46%), as compared to law firms, which put this in sixth place in terms of importance (38%).” 

Read the full article here: Inhouse Counsel More Focused on AI + Automation Than US Law Firms – Survey – Artificial Lawyer 

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