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Strategic Outside Counsel Management

IP Managed Services

Expertise and scale when there is no room for error.

Serving as a legal team’s natural extension, our bench of IP paralegals brings a smart, scalable and budget conscious approach to fulfilling repetitive, high-volume, and administrative elements of patent and trademark prosecution.

Efficiently manage and satisfy IP lifecycle requirements.

Software-agnostic support that delivers ease and efficiency.

Patent Services

Trademark Services

Build a customized operational roadmap with Luma.

Quickly assess your goals and challenges to identify projects and solutions that achieve sustainable value. 

Luma’s diagnostic interface maps and visualizes desired business outcomes to IP portfolio objectives. Powered by decades of subject matter expertise, Luma provides a framework to:

Innovation in IP management.​

We deliver insight and capabilities that align IP strategy to business realities resulting in measurable value.

Services that deliver formidable evidence when winning is the only option.

Protect and maintain the value of brands and the trademarks that keep them enforced.

Grow the bottom line by maximizing the value of IP portfolios while reducing costs.​

Confident decision-making delivered through a full spectrum of patent insight and intelligence solutions.​


Delivering at the leading-edge of digital and legal

Preparation, Prosecution, and Profitability

This report shares strategic insights on managing to the bottom line without sacrificing accuracy or competitive positioning.

Decoding Semiconductor IP Legal Battles: A Focus on the Role of Schematics and Layouts

Semiconductors are vital for driving performance and functionalities in all modern devices that have become integral to our society

From Code to Court: Role of Source Code in Detecting the FTX Fraud

In the current digital world, where financial transactions are enveloped in layers of code.

What’s behind the screen of an iPhone 15 Pro?

For our engineering team, the most exciting part about Apple releasing the iPhone 15 is doing a teardown of the device.

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