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Haleon Awarded “Healthcare and Life Sciences Team of the Year” at World Trademark Review Industry Awards 2023 

UnitedLex Named a Finalist in 2023 Legalweek Legal Innovation Awards for Outstanding Legal Operations 

Data-first approach to global partnership with Haleon expected to increase ROI 3X through 2024 

Hot on the heels of winning the Legalweek Leaders in Tech Law Knowledge Management Award, UnitedLex has been named a finalist for Outstanding Legal Operations in the Legalweek Legal Innovation Awards 2023, recognizing excellence in innovation from private practice, in-house legal departments, and suppliers. UnitedLex was nominated for its work on behalf of Haleon, a global leader in consumer health, with brands trusted by millions of consumers.

Haleon sought to optimize its Legal Department operating model to maximize productivity and customer experience through new ways of working and technology. UnitedLex built and implemented a Contracting Center of Excellence (CoE) to centralize global demand for above market and English language procurement and business function agreements. By emphasizing work in high-value areas, they achieved greater resource flexibility and improved service delivery to the business.

The CoE is first-of-its-kind in terms of sheer scale and complexity of tasks managed throughout the organization. The CoE did not use the “lift and shift” or “outsourcing” model prevalent in many companies, but rather an organic approach to process, technology, and resource design.

The initiative was part of an ongoing global partnership with UnitedLex aimed at building a modern legal infrastructure designed to create digital efficiencies, operational rigor, and measurable value. The detailed solution consists of six workstreams:

  1. Law department organizational redesign
  2. Centralized and digitized contracting function
  3. Privacy and compliance
  4. Legal operations
  5. Discovery program management
  6. IP portfolio assessment and development

UnitedLex designed and implemented a centralized digital contracting function built on the following:

  • “Art of the Now”™ artificial intelligence (AI) to drive industry-first levels of efficiency at a time when the majority of AI is truly artificial. 
  • A reimagined taxonomy and template database to improve communication, response times, and customer satisfaction.
  • CoE design, including resourcing models, processes, playbooks, and training.
  • Insight and reporting to provide C-suite and other key business stakeholders with real time, data-driven decision making for every company contract – a single source of truth.
  • Matters of organizational structure, governance structure, resourcing strategy, roles and responsibilities, and technology architecture were core to solution design.
  • Transition and implementation plans, including change management and communications plans.

Within six months, the efforts produced 30% savings against the operational expense run rate with an average 20% improvement across all departmental KPIs. Return on investment is projected to increase 3.5X through 2024. As the partnership evolves in the long term, UnitedLex and Haleon expect further innovations to produce additional ROI. The ROI performance of the CoE model ensures budget levels are achieved with zero negative variance.

At UnitedLex, we empower the world’s leading legal departments to perform and meaningfully contribute to the strength and competitive advantage of their businesses. Now more than ever, corporate legal teams are mandated to do more than provide legal support and protection. Through our data-first approach, we help legal departments design and implement modernized operating models to achieve budget predictability, increased revenue, and significant cost savings.

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