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Merging Human and Machine to Speed Up Redaction Review for Generic Pharma Litigation

Merging Human and machine to Speed Up Redaction Review for Generic Pharma Litigation 

Why this case study matters to Life Sciences 

The redaction burden falls particularly heavy on the shoulders of generics pharma companies looking to protect confidential pipeline and other product information. 

How this solution is something new 

A generics life sciences company with a robust IP portfolio needed to redact hundreds of unique other product references across varying document formats to protect client trade secrets. The client expected costs would mount as attorney review teams combed through documents and manually applied redactions. 

Instead, UnitedLex merged human and machine. By augmenting industry-standard redaction tools and integrating custom scripts, UnitedLex automated the application of redactions to documents unsuited to standard auto-redaction workflows and identified with precision the remaining information requiring manual intervention. As a result, the redaction review was completed in half the time, with a commensurate reduction in spend.

The client’s reaction to the innovation

“We are really excited about this,” said the discovery manager. “We look forward to seeing results from this great initiative and appreciate your work on this.” 

“We presented a novel solution,” said Liz Cherkis, Director of Litigation for UnitedLex. “The client was appreciative of the savings they were going to recognize by reducing the redaction review time by half thanks to our proactive and innovative thinking.” 

Hard-hitting outcomes applicable to other businesses

  • Adjust the rules to suit your own circumstances to make this automation work for you. 

  • Go straight to quality control with confidence in automated driven outcomes that are augmented by strategic human involvement. 

  • Reduce redaction review time and spend by an estimated 50%.


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