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IP Due Diligence for Successful Acquisition Integration

Extensive market research and analysis and IP due diligence help the client divest potential portfolio and increase revenue.


A leading technology company engaged UnitedLex to analyze its portfolio of 5,000+ US patent assets and identify strong assets to showcase its value to potential companies for acquisition. From in-depth mining of the patent portfolio to IP due diligence for divestment, UnitedLex supported the client to evaluate their portfolio to identify patent portfolio worth.


Armed with IP expertise, domain knowledge and analytical skills, UnitedLex created over 100 Evidence of Use charts through the following program:

  • Market Overview: For each technology cluster, UnitedLex identified top five to 10 key players, their revenue and key product lines, and wherever available, product revenue. Based on the insights, we recommended key players to be analyzed in the next steps.

  • Initial Mining of Portfolio: We identified diverse technology domains in which the client owned patents and highlighted potentially strong assets in each technology cluster. The patents were ranked based on parameters such as infringement detectability, enforceability (technical relevance, breadth, and scope of claims) and market scope.

  • Evidence of Use & Infringement Analysis: For each of the high-ranked patents, we prepared summary reports on the significance of technology, infringing products, and monetary potential. For patents with positive evidence of use results, the team delivered detailed claim charts mapping patent claim elements to the results of the target products.


Our Client, Alcatel-Lucent, with a significant IP portfolio, was successfully acquired by Nokia