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Digital Transformation of Internal Investigations Office


After gradually experiencing a steadily increasing caseload, a Fortune 500 technology company believed its effectiveness was slowly being eroded. UnitedLex was commissioned to advise on and design a digitally enabled internal investigations function to position the company for future excellence as it grew.  


UnitedLex and the client engaged in a multi-day workshop to understand the current operating model as well as the strategic and financial objectives. This formed the foundations of a digital transformation experience that included:

  • Globally Scalable and On-Demand Team – We designed a globally scalable and on-demand team with diverse subject matter expertise. These experts absorbed temporary peaks in caseloads whether at the investigative point or at case intake. The chart below illustrates the pre-UnitedLex compliance with its benchmark target +/- 10 percent. Ultimately, post-transformation, the Ethics & Compliance Office was meeting or exceeding its benchmark target by more than double.

  • Transformed Insight with Custom Built Data Analytics Platform – The custom data analytics platform was built from the client’s current NavEx environment. This delivered greater insight into geographic trends and benchmarking, as well as forecasted future volumes using scenarios of different corporate activities.

  • Redefined Engagement Models – Rather than adopt an either/or proposition to manage matters, we created a triangular model with the internal teams, UnitedLex, and outside counsels to maximize both the input of each group and the financial return. 

  • Consolidation for Investigations Requiring eDiscovery – For investigations that required eDiscovery services, we consolidated those efforts in a singular provider, leveraging industry best practices, including use of predictive coding, front-end screens for quick misconduct identification, and the streamlined collections utilizing the Office 365 Compliance Center.


The client achieved over $5M in cost savings in Year 1, and decreased case aging by 25 percent. They were better positioned to meet their goal of more effective compliance program. By utilizing data and a new operating model, the client doubled the size of their existing team by in-sourcing more work and taking control of the spend associated with internal investigations.


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