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AI-Powered Document Review: How CAL Can Speed Up Your Next Case

Case Study

Our latest thinking on the issues that matter most in legal transformation.

A Fortune 50 pharmaceutical company reviewed/redacted 20M pages of patient data in six weeks.
Fortune 100 bank reduced and reviewed 1.8M documents to meet time-sensitive regulatory request.
A Fortune 50 semiconductor company assessed its IP portfolio health to reduce annuity spend.
An enterprise software firm leverages timely analysis of source code evidence for favorable win.
Major mobile handset company unearthed critical evidence to strengthen infringement contentions.
A multi-national medical device manufacturer uses ECA to quickly analyze a data set.
Fortune 500 technology company rethinks its internal investigations office.
A Fortune 50 semiconductor company mined 3500 patents to optimize portfolio maintenance costs.
A global telecommunications equipment firm monetized patent portfolio through research and analysis.
Software market leader gains insights into the pre-purchase IP portfolio to reduce risk.
A Fortune 500 mobile manufacturer unearths critical evidence to support IP infringement case.
A leading enterprise software solutions firm unbundled litigation through a novel approach.

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