Vantage Review 

Simplify, Automate, and Accelerate.

Even though technology has gotten us a long way, reviewing large quantities of documents is still a reality of modern-day litigation.

When legal needs to find out what their data contains and fast, they need a provider that’s established in the industry, has the latest capabilities, and a team that’s invested and delivering high-quality work.  That’s where UnitedLex comes in.  We supplement the efforts of law firms, bring a technology-centric approach and tenured team expertise, while removing any confusion around cost, so you know what you’re buying and what value you’re getting.    

Review Accelerator  

Combine the best of active learning technology with our data science expertise to limit human touches on documents while driving consistency.  


Workforce Optimization  

Automate the assignment of document review tasks to multi-shore review teams by matching risk level to the right resources in a global model.  

Digital Fact Binder  

Don’t wait until document review is finished to start fact gathering.  Our review teams are trained to assemble key facts, case chronologies, and witness kits in real time.   

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