Vantage Knowledge Management 

Insights today, impact tomorrow  

Knowledge management solutions are unfortunately known for overpromising and underdelivering.  We’ve made it better.  Starting with your goals in mind, we have designed a unique suite of solutions that were built on an understanding of how law firms and corporate legal departments work, how they typically leverage data, and how better data uses can transform the ways we work, reduce risk, and make legal be seen as a business value driver, not just a cost center.


Work with us to solve common data challenges, unlock key trends, and learn how to use data to make your organization run smoother, while saving cost and time in your day-to-day.  

  • 60% cost savings when automating drafting activities  

  • 20% work product re-use on future litigation  

  • 5x speed to legal intelligence ahead of traditional methods  

  • 20% avoidance on future legal and business risk  

Digital First Draft 

Automate legal drafting tasks and receive consistent first drafts for high-volume, repeatable matters.


Both a technology and managed service providing a platform for business and legal to centralize Q&A, enabling reuse of attorney work, tracking, and reporting for measurable insights about the legal department.

Intelligence Repository  

Houses data, review work product, coding decisions, & metadata from prior matters enabling clients to fully leverage data re-use. This single source of truth uniquely leverages coding across matters to reduce re-review and duplication of efforts turning your data into a strategic advantage.

Actionable Insights 

Proactively make better legal and business decisions by identifying & assessing sources of litigation or investigations based on historical company and case data.

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