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UnitedLex Digital (ULXD) helps legal teams achieve digital and data excellence to optimize legal operations and accelerate business. Explore our solutions to discover why leaders of legal departments turn to us as a trusted partner for their digital legal journeys.

Access the right talent and technology to create a digitally agile legal department that meets the needs of your business.

Our elite, cross-functional team of legal professionals, technologists, experience and change management practitioners spans 32 countries. We bring to bear the full range of capabilities needed for global legal organizations to rev up the pace of business, reap more revenue and reduce risk.

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Organize around business imperatives to power the legal department’s engine of evolution

The stakes are high and the opportunities are real. That's why we focus on key business imperatives, looking at what the legal organization needs to excel and accelerate business. For us, cost-effectiveness and efficiency aren’t enough. We won’t settle for less than helping you evolve your legal department.​

  • Protect and realize core elements of enterprise valueProtect and realize core value

Protect and realize core elements of enterprise value

Capture value with risk reduction and cost avoidance

  • Resolve disputes efficiently and optimize outcomes

  • Increase visibility into and management of corporate risk

  • Maximize contract portfolio value

  • Maximize corporate IP assets


Pressure is mounting on the legal department to keep up with the radical pace of the business. The opportunity is real, the time is now.

Pressure is mounting on the legal department to keep up with the radical pace of the business. The opportunity is real and the time is now.

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We help clients take a step back and see their relationships through multiple lenses to improve their most vital interactions.

Explore the elements of our framework to uncover how we approach an evolving digital landscape through each of our experience transformation lenses

  • Experience Transformation
  • Automation & Enablement

  • New Ways of Working

  • Data & Insights

  • Culture & People

Automation & Enablement

Automation and Enablement is focused on technology to reduce or eliminate high-volume, routine work.

Legal Departments that invest in Automation & Enablement tend to exhibit these traits:

  • Highest levels of automation and self-service driving process optimization

  • Automation heavily involved in the overall workflow

  • Automation promotes both internal and external collaboration

Case Study

The General Counsel for a leading technology company and her team were spending days aggregating data from multiple systems to report to the business leadership on their matters and team performance, which took precious time away from engaging with their customers. When they centralized all critical data collection on a digital legal platform, they not only clawed back time and had the confidence to make decisions based on real-time insights, but they also refocused their efforts in building deeper engagement with their peers to align on their business goals.

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