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Method Reporting

Our philosophy is you cannot manage what you do not measure.

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Establishing a baseline across thousands of potential metrics sitting in different data platforms and locations can seem like an overwhelming task, especially with new data types and sources surfacing each year. ​ However, breaking down the steps into a repeatable process, whether within a single project or across teams with multiple matters, enables prioritization of the most impactful actions:

Step 1

Track metrics consistently against a baseline.

Step 2

Set targets for optimized performance.

Step 3

Measure progress milestones.

Our Approach

UnitedLex works with clients to establish meaningful benchmarks that enable organizations to make smarter business decisions based on metrics that matter. Determining how each function within an organization is doing from a speed, throughput, efficiency, cost and quality performance view allows teams to see where they are collaboratively headed, how fast they can get there and how to meaningfully quantify success.​

UnitedLex meets clients where they are today, utilizing a centralized reporting system called Method. Method suggests the fastest way to connect disparate data systems, surfaces the key action-oriented metrics and co-creates with clients realistic targets to track progress on monthly, quarterly and annual schedules leading to actionable business intelligence.


The Method Reporting Portal provides clients with direct access to bespoke dashboards and near real-time metrics and insights.

Using a central, consistent reporting view across disparate data sets and systems provides the most impactful roadmap for success. This centralization enables realized gains of a minimum of 25% in the form of cost savings, modern ways of working, smart resourcing and speed to legal intelligence.