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Mega Matters

We understand mega matters are different.

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Class actions, Multidistrict Litigations, Second Requests, and large government investigations require vigilant planning and tracking, creative solutions, sophisticated teams, and technical expertise to best support outside counsel, and deliver results for clients.

  • Case StudyFlexible Scaling to Support Mega Matter Needs

    We understand the unique needs of an MDL, can scale 24/7 support across the globe, and consult on specialized workflows.

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  • Data Considerations

    Complex data sources and large data volumes require expert handling of technical specifications and database management at all stages of the matter.

    Production Schedules

    Multiple productions across related matters and short timelines create risk without proper planning, strategy execution, project management, and quality control

    Cost Management

    Data volumes, poor strategy, and prolonged duration contribute to expense. Understanding how to use analytics and process efficiencies to control costs and reduce time is essential.

    Our Approach

    UnitedLex is uniquely set up to handle mega matters successfully.

    We deploy an elite and experienced team that consults with counsel to navigate the toughest, largest and most complex mega matters in the world. We partner to plan and adjust with your teams to ensure technical adherence to process while providing quality results for throughput, optimization and defensibility.

    We recognize the time pressures these cases are under. Our teams are elastic. We continually scale core teams up and down to meet changing case needs.

  • ArticleBreaking the Code - Successfully Responding to Today’s Second Requests

    We have entered an era of increased antitrust enforcement, where any perceived threat to fair markets will be subject to scrutiny from the FTC and DOJ.

    Breaking the code
  • Impact

    Corporate and law firm clients can expect to receive the greatest speed to legal intelligence, highest quality of benefits, and optimized spend by leveraging our team’s experience and scale on mega matters.

    Our results speak for themselves: client retention, satisfaction and reengagement. Our focus on continuous innovations ensure we learn and adapt so our delivery models sharpen with each new case.

    What makes mega matters challenging?