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Speed to intelligence is never more critical than during the first days of an investigation.

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What if you could get key information from your data within the first weeks to evaluate risk and potential exposure from an investigation? Proliferation of data volumes and disparate and ephemeral data types has compounded the challeges facing legal teams. Surfacing relevant information quickly to substantiate or invalidate claims is critical in this fast paced, evolving world.​

Arming your investigative team with an early grasp of the facts when served with litigation or an internal complaint immediately places legal and compliance groups at an advantage as they try to understand what happened and evaluate any related risk and exposure.

  • Case StudyFinding Financial Fraud Fast

    An AmLaw 100 firm needed to swiftly surface evidence of financial fraud for a client our custom models combed through 7.5M documents.

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  • Our Approach

    The UnitedLex Analytics and AI investigative team enables your legal experts to surface critical information within the first 20 days.

    Our team of experienced consultants, data scientists, analysts, and engineers deploy an agile, modular approach to separate the wheat from the chaff, slicing through millions of documents to detect the key players, issues, and documents that will shape case strategy. Our ability to analyze structured data, including system activity logs, GPS, badge swipe, and transaction data, to uncover the facts of who did what when is unrivaled in the industry. ​

  • ArticleInjecting AI into Financial Investigations

    Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to bring speed & savings to financial investigations

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  • Impact

    Decreasing time to insights empowers your legal team with critical facts and intelligence to make informed decisions faster, leading to better outcomes.​

  • Case StudyFirst Look Investigations in Action

    AI-enabled tech quickly surfaces key data in investigations.

    Climbing Spiral Staircase