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Forensics is the often-overlooked tip of the spear.

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Data is increasingly at the center of any litigation or investigation. Companies and the law firms that support them must take deliberate steps toward managing growing volumes of data and update collection protocols to accommodate new data sources. As an early and critical part of discovery, the quality and overall strategy behind forensics sets up matters either for failure or success.

Far too commonly, forensic services are delivered transactionally and can be overly reactive to the needs of each matter. Without a consistent process and an integrated delivery approach, legal teams miss early opportunities to gain data intelligence, minimize risk and delays, and drive toward a cost-effective outcome from the start.

  • Case StudyCollection Management for Exiting Employee Data

    Our Exit Collection Program streamlines process, creates savings, and minimizes the risk of data loss. 

    Collection management for exiting employees image
  • Our Approach

    UnitedLex transforms delivery of data collection and forensics projects through a comprehensive solution called Managed Preservation Services. By considering forensics alongside broader preservation topics such as legal hold and evidence management, we enable clients to develop a consistent process that is right-sized, stays on top of new data sources, and offers global scale for forensics needs both worldwide and close to home.

    On every project, we partner a forensics expert with a project manager that is dedicated to the preservation and forensics lifecycle. This structure provides clients with a focused team that learns your data landscape, creates proactive solutions for data challenges, all while enhancing the defensibility of a project. Whether you are looking for full scale solutions, flexible support for existing resources, or just to phone-a-friend, we customize our approach to match what each client needs.

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    Managing Preservation Obligations: Data Spring Cleaning
  • Impact

    Our goal is to bring a dedicated focus to an often overlooked aspect of discovery. We optimize delivery so that clients can leverage data more efficiently both upstream and downstream for any active litigation or investigation needs.

    We view forensics as the tip of the spear that, when properly integrated, can be strategic decision point, not just another tollgate in the eDiscovery lifecycle.

  • Case StudyHow to Prevent Over-Preservation of Data

    Analyze and disposition legacy data sources where it's unclear which documents need to be preserved.

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    Learn how UnitedLex’s dedicated preservation management team helps solve critical preservation challenges.

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