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AI is much more than just reducing data volumes with search terms.

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Lawyers are adept at applying facts to the law to generate strategies and advice. However, they often lack the time, access to data, technology or expertise needed to find the facts and insights buried within ever-growing mountains of client data. UnitedLex bridges this gap.

Across industries and legal matter types, UnitedLex deploys our technology, next-gen workflows, and cross-functional teams to enable clients to learn from, leverage, and reuse their data. Our goal is not only to reduce data volumes and extract meaning, but we also act with an end-goal in mind: seeking to inform legal strategy at the earliest possible point to resolve cases sooner. This expert application of modern technology to reach the desired outcomes faster gives our clients a strategic advantage in solving the business problems we call lawsuits.

  • ArticleInjecting AI into Financial Investigations

    Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to bring speed & savings to financial investigations

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  • Our Approach

    UnitedLex understands that AI is much more than just text analytics and reducing data volumes with search terms. We take it to the next level.

    Our consultants are deeply immersed in the intelligent application of technology, leverage the right tools at the right times, and drive legal strategies and outcomes. Our cross-functional team includes data scientists, data analysts, statisticians, and legal consultants who analyze data with industry subject-matter experts to provide the facts that attorneys need to build modern legal strategies. Our iterative, modular approach is customized for each matter to supply legal teams with information to reach case resolutions as quickly as possible and at a lower total cost.

    Does your current partner know enough about technology to turn data into knowledge to improve your business? ​

  • Case StudyFinding Financial Fraud Fast

    An AmLaw 100 firm needed to swiftly surface evidence of financial fraud for a client our custom models combed through 7.5M documents.

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  • Impact

    By properly leveraging technology and expert teams to run it, clients are empowered to limit the churn that is often felt throughout modern-day litigation and investigations.

    We make this impact real through committing to cost avoidance and efficiency gains SLAs, giving us skin in the game with our clients to surface key evidence sooner, eliminate documents from moving downstream, and saving cost by resolving portfolio matters sooner.

  • Case StudyEarly Case Assessment Delivers $3.1M in Savings

    Fortune 10 energy leverages early legal intelligence to quickly reduce a large data set.

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